DERBYSHIRE DALES RAYNET’s activities are managed and co-ordinated by the Committee of Management. The Committee comprises the Group Controller, Deputy Controller & Membership Secretary, Treasurer & Secretary and two other members

Like members of RAYNET groups, the Committee of Management are all volunteers who give their time and other resources to the work of DERBYSHIRE DALES RAYNET. Indeed in addition to their Committee of Management duties, they are all active members of their local groups.

The Committee of Management exists to:

  • Provide a centre of advice and information for members, their groups and user services.
  • Facilitate the provision of resources beyond the scope of individual groups and their immediate contacts.
  • Provide a national point of contact and liaison for user services, government departments & agencies, and other national and international bodies.

DERBYSHIRE DALES RAYNET seeks to work in co-operation with its members and their Groups. Advice will be offered but the Committee of Management is not part of a rigid “command structure

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Group Controller

Derek Harrison – G1SPA

Deputy Controller & Membership Secretary

Robin Carter – G4NDM

Treasurer & Group secretary

Rosemarie Harrison


Adrian Craig – M0GLJ

This is a support position and is directly responsible to the Committee of Management